Catholic Education South Australia

Student LIfe

Children at St Joseph's School are given many and varied opportunities to be involved in the life of the school.  It is a part of our commitment to student well-being and allowing children to work in partnership to build a school community that they will thrive in.  This allows for two-way communication between children and staff and fosters a sense of belonging, involvement and responsibility.  It is also a means to offer opportunities for a shared and distributed leadership.  A model which allows for the children at St Joseph's to see themselves as active contributors to our evolving school story.

The wellbeing of children in our care also involves the following:

Physical Safety - fenced play spaces, appropriate playground and equipment, ongoing monitoring

Supervision - yard supervision, classroom systems, attention to student concerns, agreed to protocols and procedures

Medical Management - medical plans for those with special conditions, control of medicine, staff training

Policies and Procedures - personal responsibility, bullying and harassment, grievance procedures for children