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Reception to Year 6

Our committed staff design a comprehensive curriculum based on the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) to meet the evolving needs of your child as they grow and to ensure they achieve all outcomes and the capabilities outlined.


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Preschool at St Joseph's

With time to play, be curious and become familiar with structure, our program will prepare your child for a smooth transition to school life.

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It's time to play at Playgroup

Through our Let's Play program, children and parents can have fun, make new friends and embark on their first educational steps together.

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Extra-curricularExperiences that enhance and enrich classroom learning, at school and beyond it.


Our contemporary curriculum at St Joseph's incorporates music in the Reception to Year 6 curriculum. We also provide other opportunities for students to develop their musical talents in specific ways, including individual tuition and live performances.

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We offer a rich and diverse extra-curriculum program. Through it, your child can discover new interests, develop exisiting skills and explore real-world learning across a range of activities including:

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Physical Education

We know that a healthy body is just as important to our overall wellness as having a healthy mind. The comprehensive Physical Education program we offer at St Joseph's is built on the Australian curriculum and includes a fitness program organised and facilitated by senior students.

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Learning Pathways

Our program is carefully designed to support the development needs of children in three distinct educational stages.

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Learning Italian

The students have one lesson a week studying the Italian curriculum. This gives the students a cultural and linguistic understanding of Italian.

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Religious IdentityWe invite every child to a relationship with Jesus.


Religious Education

At St Joseph's, all curriculum areas incorporate a religious dimension in the Catholic tradition.

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