Catholic Education South Australia

School BoardYou can participate in the life of our school.

At St Joseph's we honour the fundamental role of parents and families in the development of their child's education and identity. So it is important to us to welcome the active contribution of parents in the life of our school.

Parents as teachers

As a parent and the primary educator, you can establish a home environment that promotes learning, reinforces what is being taught at home, and develops the values and life skills children need to become responsible adults.

Parents as enablers of education

As a parent, you can contribute your knowledge and skills to the school, model the value of education and importance of hard work, and get involved in the life of the school. This could be supporting sporting and other activities such as supporting teachers in classrooms, assisting on excursions and more.

Parents as decision makers

As a parent, you can support formal activities through the Parents & Friends Group, planning committees and School Board.

Role and Function of School Board

The St Joseph's Hindmarsh School Board has delegated responsibility from the Archbishop of Adelaide for the overall well-being of the school, within South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) and diocesan policies and guidelines.

Board Members are nominated, elected and serve for a period of two years. Members (other than Ex-Officio Members) should not serve more than six consecutive years.

In practice, this means that in a spirit of partnerships, the School Board acts to:

  • Develop policies that nurture the religious dimension and guide the direction of the school
  • Develop the relationship between the school and the local Church
  • Promote educational excellence within the school
  • Support the administration of the school
  • Foster harmonious and positive collaboration within the school community
  • Keep children safe
  • Monitor buildings and grounds development and maintenance
  • Exercise financial stewardship of the school
  • Ensure compliance with legal obligations

Current School Board 

A partnership between the school community,
parish community and Catholic Education
in South Australia.

Parish Representative
Father Lancy

Richard Ellerman

School Principal as the
Executive Officer

Maria D'Aloia

Deputy Executive Office 
Helen Clark

Parents & Friends

Caterina Vignogna

School Board Member
Stav Lentakis

School Board Member
Francis Ben

School Board Member
Craig Costello