STEM Mad Challenge

Celebrating students who use their creativity to solve real problems in the world.

Saving Water 💧 

🏅 Presented at the STEM Mad SA Showcase

🏆 Winners for "Best Integration of Technology" at the STEM Mad National Showcase

This team is on a mission to save water at our School! They've designed a smart device that stops taps from running for too long, a genius solution that saves water, one innovation at a time.






Zones of Regulation 🚥 

🥉 3rd Place Champs in STEM Mad SA Showcase

🏆 Winners for "Best Catholic Ethos" in STEM Mad National Showcase

The creators of an ingenious device that lets students discreetly communicate their feelings using the Zones of Regulation during lessons. Their innovative solution was inspired by their collaboration with occupational therapist Jordan from Motivate Kids.

Jordan introduced our students to the Zones of Regulation, and this spaked an amazing idea! They wanted to create a device that enables them to share what "zone" they're in, making it easier for everyone to understand their feelings.


Fruit & Veg Sharers 🥦 

🏅 Bringing positive change to our community.

This team is on a mission to tackle food waste in our school. They've embarked on an inspiring journey, collecting donations from our school gardens and wonderful school families, and selling the produce they've gathered. The funds raised are put to an incredible cause - planting more fruits and vegetables in our school gardens to be sold throughout the year.

Watch the video to learn more about their initiative and celebrate their impressive contribution to making our school greener and more sustainable.