Catholic Education South Australia

Sporting Carnivals

Children have the opportunity to participate in sporting carnivals throughout the year.  This is an appropriate way to apply the skills learnt in PE lessons in a team situation.  It is also an opportunity for them to represent St Joseph's School and further develop that sense of being a member of a team.  It is also a way to recognise the skills and talents of some of our children and allows them to share and celebrate their gifts and talents.

At St Joseph's we participate in a range of district Sports Carnivals such as Netball, Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics, Lacrosse, Handball and Touch Football with great success. 

Through these carnivals and our sports teams children also have the opportunity to nominate and participate in a range of SAPSASA events as well.  We regularly have children who have been selected  in SAPSASA district and State teams..