Catholic Education South Australia

Senior Student Leaders

At St Joseph's student leadership is highlighted and promoted in many ways.  Our Year 6 and 7 children are involved in an extensive community leadership program, and work towards achieving school leader status through a range of community services.

Our Year 6 and 7 children become involved in the process of electing School Captains (Year 7) and Vice Captains (Year 6).  They prepare speeches and deliver them to their peers and teachers.  Leaders are elected by their peers and the teachers and carry special responsibility throughout the year.

In addition. our senior children coordinate and run our whole school fitness program, are peer mediators, and coordinate and run lunchtime activities for all students in the school.

Our Year 7 children wear a special jacket and sports shirt identifying them as leaders amongst the student body.  With the special uniform comes the responsibility of being positive role models for the younger children.

Most of the children at St Joseph's School have been at the school since Preschool so they have experience of those older children as leaders and therefore aspire to be like them when they become Year 7s.

Our children take their role as school leaders very seriously and responsibly.