Catholic Education South Australia

Other Curriculum Areas

Specialist programs

St Joseph's School offers Italian, Music and Physical Education as Specialist programs.

  • Italian - The students have one lesson a week studying the Italian curriculum.  This gives the students an cultural and linguistic understanding of Italian.
  • Music and the Performing Arts - This covers the basics of music theory and practice, basic instrumentation and percussion, drama and dance.  Music instrument tuition is also available.
  • Physical Education - Taught by a specialist teacher, the children focus on fundamental movement skills, games and as they become older they learn about specific sports. This complements the health focus of the  Fitness program.

Student support

We offer student support for students with special rights, which encompasses support from our Education Support Officer (ESO), specialist teaching support and specialist programs such as:

  • English as Another Language (EAL)
  • Speech
  • Reading Recovery

Students with special rights are supported by their classroom teacher and trained professionals in partnership with the ESO.