Catholic Education South Australia


Our strong focus on quality education is complemented by services and programs outside the classroom:

  • Spiritual growth  The spiritual growth of the children in the St Joseph's community is a key part of our focus and all students are invited to join in a range of activities that develop and promote their spiritual well-being.
  • Personal growth  We are a school that focusses on You Can Do It! education, which offers a program called Program Achieve, highlighting keys to success for our students.
  • Instrumental program  Our instrumental program encompasses seven instruments and the St Joseph's orchestral band - comprising between 20 to 30 children - performs at public events throughout the year.
  • Fitness program  We know that fit, healthy children not only lead healthier, more active lives - they also are better, more attentive learners. Our whole school fitness program includes all of our students.
  • School counsellor Any student in the school can use our counsellor's confidential, free services.