Consider becoming a volunteer at St Joseph's School.  We are grateful to volunteers for contributing their time, energy and expertise to the school community and thereby enriching the lives of the children.

We look to involve our volunteers in a number of ways to enhance the school life of our children by being part of a committee, coaching or managing a sporting team, assisting in the tuckshop, listening to reading, helping with Breakfast Club and attending excursions.  There are many different ways that you are able to help that occur during the school year.  We will keep you informed.

Volunteer requirements

To be a volunteer at St Joseph's  a current Catholic Police Check is required.  If you wish or are considering becoming a volunteer come into the school office and pick up a Volunteer Pack.  You will need to fill in the forms in the pack and personally return the forms to the school office with your original documents that you would like to use for identity.  Once the documents have been verified, the school will forward your form to the Catholic Police Check Unit.  There will be no cost involved for the volunteer.

The volunteer will know when the clearance for the Catholic Police Check has been granted by receiving a letter and card in the mail.  This can take from two to five weeks, sometimes even longer depending on the amount they have to process at the time.

Please bring this letter and card to the school for verification.  It is advisable for you to keep this letter and card filed in case it is ever needed for future verification.

 Other Documentation Required with a Catholic Police Check

  • a Volunteer DETAILS Form
  • a Volunteer HEALTH Form
  • a Volunteer DECLARATION Form (for referees you can use school staff as your referees if you are known by them or supply 2 referees) 
  • a Child Protection Pamphlet (not needed to be signed)
  • a signed Volunteer WHS Safety Induction Form 
  • RAN-EC Certificate:  All volunteers are asked to produce a certificate of completion to the school office. This can be completed online.  Please use the link provided to complete this important criteria.   The Responding to Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care Induction - Volunteer Module 


 Volunteer WHS Form.pdf
 Child Protection Parent & Volunteer Flyer.pdf